Cabinet Shopping 101

You have no idea how much of an impact in the overall appearance of a room that cabinets contribute until you’ve replaced the cabinets in a kitchen, bathroom, or even home office. It can make an otherwise bland and worn-down room look almost new again.

When shopping for new cabinets, you’ll want to choose a product that looks great and lasts for a long time. Nothing in the world beats wood when those are your primary criteria. Some of the more commonly used woods are cherry, maple, and oak.

Different Types of Cabinets

When budgeting for your new cabinet purchase, you really need to be specific with the types of cabinets you’re looking for. As previously stated, choosing a wood option is basically the best choice for both looks and longevity. And, if you choose an unfinished product, you can stain it to get the perfect look for the room you’re installing them in.

But aside from the material, you need an idea of the amount of cabinetry you need as well as planning for the right pieces in the right places.

For Your Wall

Wall cabinets, or wall-mounted cabinets, are a design that is clearly crafted to attach to your walls. Their main function is to add storage space to the room they are in.

They are mostly seen with doors and not drawers. Upon opening a door there will be one or several shelves. The amount of shelving can often be customized.

When planning for your new wall cabinets, keep in mind that you may need some specially designed corner cabinets.

Common places to find wall cabinets are in kitchens, home offices, and bathrooms.

Under the Counter

Under the counter, or base cabinets, are another way to increase the storage space of a room. Like their wall-mounted cousins, they too have several design options.

Some base versions have a drawer and a door, some are only drawers, and corner units may include a built-in Lazy Susan.

They are usually found under a counter in kitchens, but they are common in bathrooms as well.

Sink Base

Another common type of cabinet is the sink base. As the name implies, it’s a cabinet that rests under a sink, making good use of the otherwise wasted space.

This type of cabinet usually has a single door. It’s possible to find one with both a drawer and door, but drawers are less common due to the sink reducing available space at the top of the cabinet.

Sink bases are almost always found in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Wrap Up

Cabinets are a very functional fitting in any room they’re used. In a kitchen they can store dinnerware, food items, and even small appliances. In the bathroom, they can serve as a place to safely tuck away your bath & beauty products, hand towels, and cleaning products. And, in an office they help keep your desk clean by housing office supplies you might not use on the daily basis.

Though a useful piece of furniture, it doesn’t mean they cannot look good as well. When you are shopping for cabinets, keep both function and form in mind, and you won’t be disappointed with your final selection.

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