Rustic Furniture: Is it Right for You?

Many people love a natural look when it comes to the décor of their home or workplace. But, just filling a room with anything that looks handmade might be a design mistake. If you want a true natural-looking décor based on a style known as rustic, keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right furniture that will help you achieve your desired ambiance.

What Makes it Rustic?

Rustic furniture is actually a very specific style, though in modern times the term is used a little more loosely. The strictest definition regards a piece of furniture as being rustic if it’s made using sticks or logs and has a natural appearance.

To achieve this natural appearance, it’s usually made from materials like fallen tree branches or driftwood, or from recycled or reclaimed materials. An example of using reclaimed wood to create a piece of rustic furniture would be using the remains of a wrecked or neglected boat to craft a bench or mirror frame.

Is it the Same as Primitive Furniture?

Sometimes the terms rustic and primitive are used interchangeably, but they are not really the same thing. In design terms, primitive furniture is much less refined than rustic furniture.

While something with a rustic look has a natural and rural look to it, it’s still obviously well made. Though it may have some rough surfaces or a weathered finish, a professional level of craftsmanship is evident.

A piece of primitive furniture is usually something that has some age to it, perhaps old enough to be considered an antique. It is usually much less refined having the appearance is was made not by a professional but by an amateur woodworker.

It can still be well made, but the design is one more of function than of style.

Where can I use it?

The wonderful thing about rustic furniture is that it looks good almost everywhere. Whether you have a small country cabin, a large sprawling estate, or even an efficient city apartment, the natural feel is both warming and comforting.

It goes well in living rooms where you can center the room around a beautifully designed TV cabinet or stand. And, you can easily decorate your entire bedroom in a rustic décor as beds, dressers, and nightstands are some of the more common pieces of furniture you’ll find with that rustic look.

You can also fill your office with great looking country-style furniture. The most common items you’ll find in offices are of course desks, but also wooden file cabinets.

Last but not least, the rustic style looks amazing in commercial properties too. One example would be creating a warm rural ambiance with the help of recycled whiskey barrels crafted into small tables or stands.

Wrap Up

Many people confuse the term rustic for old, while that’s not really true. An antique can appear rustic in style, but a piece of furniture doesn’t need a lot of age to capture what it is to be rustic.

The design is more about a certain natural look created from the use of natural and often recycled or reclaimed materials.

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