Doors: The Gateway to Your Home

Your front door is easily the single most important part of your home aside from the foundation. But, a home actually has many doors throughout as well.

Choosing the rights doors for your home is extremely important. They serve many functions and contribute to the overall appearance of your home, inside and out.

Type of Doors

The two main categories of doors are exterior doors and interior doors.

An exterior one is a door that when closed has one side facing the outside of your home. Examples would be the front door of your home or the door on a walk-out basement. An interior one differs as both faces are located within your home when closed, like bedroom doors.

Both main categories can then be broken down into further styles and designs.


Exterior doors play a major role in both the overall look of your home as well as its security. Other major functions of exterior doors are thermal efficiency and style.

No matter the design of the door, it’s still primarily made to keep unwanted elements out, whether that’s an unwanted guest or inclement weather. So while a common windowless six panel design may look more secure, those with glass inserts like a wagon wheel design or even a full lite door are now manufactured with a type of glass that’s extremely difficult to break while also providing respectable insulation.

Aside from improving the overall appearance of your home, a modern exterior door can actually pay for itself many times over by lowering your monthly utilities.


Interior doors are also an important part of the overall look and feel of your home. While they aren’t usually designed to the same security standards, they still play a role and serve several purposes.

The two most obvious functions of an interior door is to separate adjoining rooms and to create privacy when desired. However, another important function of interior doors is that they help reduce noise pollution. Can you even imagine a modern American family of four or five living in a home with nothing but open doorways? You would never have a moment of peace and quiet.

Lastly, as with every part of your home, the right interior door can provide that perfect touch of style a room needs.

Wrap Up

When considering whether your home needs new doors, it’s important to realize exactly what you are purchasing. By investing in a new exterior door, you are investing in the safety and security of your family. You are also investing in having a more energy efficient home. And, a nice upgrade will certainly improve your home’s appearance.

If you are considering replacing some interior doors, also consider it more as an investment than an expense. It’s an investment in making your home a nicer place, both in terms of function and style.

When you’re ready to start replacing some of doors in your home, be sure to get in touch with Builder Bob’s first at 580-226-7481.

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