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Truckloads of Tile

WE JUST GOT IN 9 TRUCKLOADS OF TILE!! All ranging from 4″x4″ to 4’x4′ in size. We have a wide variety of tile, bullnose, 2×2 mesh, and trim! Come by the store and check them out in person. 100+ different styles of ceramic and porcelain floor tile! There is 200-1,000 sq. Ft. of each color available in sizes from 4″x4″ to 4’x4′. There are also mosaic sheets, bullnose in numerous colors, and hundreds of pieces of miscellaneous ceramic trim. Come in and see! It’s normally $1.49 a square foot for the tile, but if you buy the whole set we drop it down to $1.09 a square foot!! Bullnose is $4.99 each